Ricardo Diaz

Originally from Puebla, he traveled to Cancun, where later he found immense opportunities, some time later he moved to live in the Mexican Caribbean in 1992, he found a vocation in the timeshare business as in house marketing and sales. Professionals years later, a friend in Los Cabos, invites him to a project, in this way already in the hospitality business in Viceroy Residences Los Cabos


Choose from the alluring spaces within the hotel in different locations – each one as majestic as the rest


“Two ways of ownership: own it outright or via Deeded Fractional Ownership”

The concept is straightforward. We bring together eligible luxury property seekers to co-own a second home just as people have done for decades with other high-end products like private jets and yachts.
Fractional ownership at Viceroy Residences Los Cabos is the shared ownership of a villa with “partner” owners who stay at their home at different times of the year.

  • Minimum Share gives you 1/13th CO-Ownership of a Deeded Residence with 4 weeks of usage per year
  • Unlimited use throughout the year
  • Flexibility to use different sized residences
  • Flexibility to use any time of the year
  • Flexibility to use in over 12,000 luxury properties


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